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LUX is the premiere Metaverse. Bringing you everything you expect from a Metaverse; from Real Estate and Retail to Gaming and Entertainment. Lose yourself in the only Metaverse you'll ever need to care about.

What is a Metaverse?

If you ask this question in a room full of web3 aficionados you will get a different answer from every one of them. Our vision of a Metaverse is a place that bridges the physical and digital. A place that connects all of your favorite Web3 projects together. A place where you can live your digital life as if you were still in the physical space.


At LUX we believe that not only is interoperability something that is key to our Metaverse but it's key to unlocking the full potential of Web3. The seamless integration of every Web3 project within the LUX Metaverse is the goal. However this isn't always possible for every project (not technologically, that's possible, but that every project implements their NFT's and Web3 integration differently).


Let's have a look at how we are attempting this and how we got to where we are.
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