AI generated Art
Lux | AI is the original collection by LUX. Using a masterfully crafted AI artist which ensured that every piece in the collection was a unique 1/1 sharing no traits with any other piece in the collection.
Talus City
Info coming soon...
If you own a Harmonic LUX | AI you will have VIP Back stage access to all music venues within the LUX Metaverse.
Info coming soon...
Info coming soon...
Owning a Talus City LUX | AI grants you Real Estate VIP status!


Entry Ticket
Your LUX | AI is able to be used as your entry ticket to the LUX Metaverse and the Virtual Reality Real Project that will be hosting Music Concerts, Art Exhibitions and a whole host of other events.
Future Whitelist
Get whitelist to all future LUX mints before any other whitelist spots are given out.
NFT Airdrops
Get priority for all future NFT airdrops.
OG Role
Get the sought after OG role on discord.
Alpha Chat Access
Get access to the exclusive LUX Alpha chat to learn about new and upcoming projects in the crypto space.
Rent out your LUX AI to give the above benefits to another person for a return in $LUX while maintaining ownership.