LUX | Entertainment

Your pass to the Metaverse
The LUX | Entertainment card entitles its holders to free entry into the LUX Entertainment district in addition to a variety of other benefits. This collection was a free airdrop to OG holders.


Key to the Entertainment District
Your LUX Entertainment pass is your key to the Entertainment district. Get yourself free lifetime access into the Entertainment District!
Priority Access
Get yourself priority access to all concerts, events, games, tournaments, and more!
Stay to Earn
Earn $LUX with your entertainment pass via participating in the LUX metaverse.
Hanging out in the bar? Earn some $LUX while you do!
At a concert? Earn some $LUX while you rock out!
Hanging out with friends at the arcade? Bring on that passive $LUX earnings.
Rent out your LUX Entertainment Pass to give the above benefits to another person for a return in $LUX while maintaining ownership!
Stake your LUX | Entertainment card for passive generation of $LUX token!