LUX | Real Estate

Your home in the Metaverse
The LUX | Real Estate card is your keycard to your home in the LUX Metaverse. With only 5000 keys in existence you're part of a very exclusive group of property owners!


Key To Your Home
Access your home in the LUX Metaverse with your Real Estate keycard.
Customizable Residence
Customize your residence with a whole range of upgrades and changes that you can purchase from your laptop or from a visit down to the retail district.
Clubhouse Access
Access the homeowners' clubhouses and community spaces. This is a place where you can relax and socialize with the other Real Estate owners.
Stay to Earn
Earn $LUX passively while hanging out at home. If you're entertaining friends or chilling on the Sofa or watching some TV, you'll be earning $LUX.
Feeling lonely in that big mansion of yours? Are you a real estate magnate with a portfolio of multiple apartments and condos? Well rent them out to others for passive $LUX income to fuel your real estate empire!
Stake your LUX | Entertainment card for passive generation of $LUX token!