Some of the most common questions, for more questions please contacts us on Discord.
Will it cost anything to attend concerts/events?
If you own an Entertainment Pass NFT, all public events will be accessible to you for free. If you do not own an Entertainment Pass NFT you will have to buy one or rent one to access or participate in events. If you are looking to host an event/concert in LUX please contact us on Discord for more details. Where can I buy an NFT?
You can find our collections in the most Popular Marketplaces in Solana: Magic Eden, Solanart, Alpha Art Click here for the full list.
Do I have to own an NFT to access LUX metaverse?
No, you can access a LUX REAL ESTATE NFT with an invitation of the owner, no purchase necessary, but we encourage you to buy your own piece of Real Estate in the LUX Metaverse!
Where can you access LUX metaverse?
You will need to download our trustworthy software here: ONLY available for Windows PC and VR Oculus at the moment. macOS software is coming soon.
Where can I purchase $LUX tokens?
Information regarding LP and DEX will be announced and added here once we get confirmation from our tokenomics team. For the moment, staking your LUX NFTs give you $LUX emissions.
What is the total supply of the NFT collections?
Real Estate - 5,000 total supply. LUX AI - 5,000 total supply. Entertainment Pass - 5,000 total supply.
How to stake my LUX NFTs?
Stake your NFTs here:
How can I rent my LUX NFT?
Details coming soon...
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