The Team

Team's background; 100% doxxed.
Team has expertise with a focus on: - Holograms. - XR, AI, AR/VR - Virtual showrooms in 3D and virtual events. - 3D Architectural Design. - Game Engines (Unreal Engine, Cry Engine, Unity3D). We have been working with IBM Business Partners and partner of Accenture Liquid Studio in Germany. We have also built an AI in 56 languages ​​that handles communication in all channels; Customers including McDonalds, the Postcode Lottery and EasyFairs. We have VR/AR and XR experiences for brands like BMW, Spotify, Lufthansa, IATA, Huawei, Lenovo, Ericsson, Envirotainer, ICA, the Royal Opera, Samsung, Bayer, Envirotainer, Lin, Fiat, The Italian and Swedish government. Project Founders: Chris (LuxAI Founder#5278) & Romina (LUX| ROMINA#8088) Previous Work: Ikea, Lufthansa, BMW, Huawei, Swedish & Italian Government
Development department: Kevuru Game Studio
Avatar Artist : Hong Chan Lim