The fun stuff

Real Estate

Wanting a new TV? A cool bed? Install a bidet? Get a beautiful frame to showcase your NFT artworks? You can buy all of these with $LUX.
Upgrades and Renovations
In love with your Condo but just wish that you had an extra room? Pay for home renovations and extensions with your $LUX token!
Want to get a bit more space in your Apartment? We've got you covered with LUX | Real Estate renovations.
Always wanted a pool in your penthouse apartment? Get the team in and pay for it with $LUX
Dreaming of a custom built cinema room in your Mansion? Get it with $LUX
Want to change your carpets or drapes? Buy new ones with $LUX
Changing the colour of your walls? Check out our range of paints or wall panelling. All available with $LUX


Bars and Clubs
Get into the hottest nightlife spots in the entertainment district by paying a small entry fee in $LUX
Pay for games and enter competitions for prizes with $LUX. Play a few rounds of pool or put a coin in an arcade cabinet. All with $LUX.
Your favourite, big named artist is performing? Buy your tickets with $LUX!
See the premiere screening of your favourite movie or videos from your favourite creators at exclusive LUX screenings. Tickets are all purchasable with $LUX


Home Improvement
Want to get some inspiration for your home redecoration? Head on down to the Retail district and buy your new home decor from the dedicated retail stores.
Feeling like your avatar is just a bit drab? Head on over to one of our fashion retail stores for the latest in metaverse fashion! Purchasable with your $LUX token.
Wanting a bit of bling? Not enough drip? Head on to our Metaverse Jewellery district and get your hands on some beautiful accessories!

Lux Store

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